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    What is the purpose of this site?

    The most common feedback from industry conference attendees is that the most valuable part of the conference was the ability to connect with peers, ask questions, and share best practices. We developed this site to provide those same benefits to insurance industry professionals……all the time. Our goal is to create an online community for members to ask questions of each other, help answer questions from other members, share documents (checklists, templates, procedures, etc.), take informal polls, view interviews with regulators and industry peers, access informative content (laws/regulations, enforcement actions, market conduct exams, regulatory guidance, relevant legal cases, proposed regulations, etc.), share articles, find vendors serving our industry, and the list goes on and on. When we share ideas, best practices, and other information, we all win.

    Which carrier employees will benefit from using this site?

    NICE was designed to assist a variety of individuals with responsibilities throughout an insurance company. Some common examples include individuals in the following areas:

    • Compliance
    • Legal
    • Fraud/AML
    • SIU
    • Regulatory Compliance (MCEs, MCAs, regulatory response, etc.)
    • Operations
    • Suitability
    • Product and Advertising Filing
    • Claims
    • Producer Licensing
    • Distribution Compliance

    Who is eligible to access the site?

    Only members may access the site and only insurance carrier employees are eligible to become members. It is important that members feel comfortable sharing information so we chose to limit membership only to insurance carrier employees. You can be assured that you aren’t sharing information with insurance agents, field distribution partners or non-industry people. The site provides the most benefit when members freely share ideas, best practices, and other information. And remember, you can choose to remain anonymous when using the site.


    Do I have to be a member to access the site?

    Yes. We need to verify your eligibility to become a member by confirming your corporate email address. Please note that personal email addresses may not be used to register as a member.

    How do I become a member? (set up account, email confirmation, etc.)

    Simply click on the button on the home page to sign up for a free trial or become a member. You’ll be prompted to set up your account, pay the fee (if you’re not signing up for the free trial), and then you’ll receive a verification email. Once we have confirmed your work email (verifying that you are an insurance carrier employee), you’ll have access to all the features and content on the site.

    Why should I become a member?

    Have you ever wondered, or been asked, how other companies do something? Is your inbox full of emails from different industry sites? Do you have to scroll through endless results on Google when researching an issue? NICE seeks to provide you with a “one-stop” shop for your answers. As noted in the FAQ “What is the purpose of the site?”, when we share ideas, information, and best practices, we all win.

    How much does it cost to access the site?

    Membership is free for insurance industry professionals!

    How do you use the information I provide in my account?

    In addition to verifying your eligibility to become a member, we use the information you provide so that we can display some basic details about you for other members. For example, if a member posts a question and you choose to respond, it is helpful for the member who posted the question to know if you are with a large or small insurance carrier and your role (compliance, operations, etc.). This is particularly important because members can choose to remain anonymous while using the site. We also collect your contact information in order to send you notifications that you request and provide you with important information about changes to the site. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information about how we use your information.

    Can I remain anonymous when using the site?

    Yes. We recognize that some members prefer to ask questions, share information, and conduct other activities on the site and remain anonymous. In your account profile, you have the ability to create a username that will be displayed when you use the site so other members won’t know who you are or the company with whom you are employed. Other members will only be able to see your username, if you are with a large or small insurance carrier, and your role (compliance, operations, etc.).

    Can I choose not to be anonymous when using the site?

    Yes. In your account, you can choose to not be anonymous. Your name will be displayed when you use the site instead of your username. It is important to understand that it is not possible to toggle back and forth between being anonymous and identifying yourself without affecting previous entries on the platform. For example, if you choose to post content anonymously but subsequently change your profile to identify yourself, this change will be retroactive and any content you posted previously will now be attributed to your new, open profile. If you accidentally choose one option or the other, you can correct this by changing your profile back to your preferred visibility and this will change all of your previous (and future) actions back to your preferred option.

    Using the Site

    How do I navigate the site, post questions, etc.?

    Please refer to the for more information about becoming a member and navigating the site.

    Can I message another member directly?

    Yes. The site has a messaging feature allowing you to contact another member directly. However, we encourage you to add content to the site as much as possible so all members can benefit.

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